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food,and clothing

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Q: What were some of the items southerners had to do without during the Civil War?
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Most important food to most southerners used to make items like cornmeal and hominy was corn?


What were some obsolete items used during the American Civil War?

The typewriter, quill, cannon, oil lamp, telagraph, and the horse drawn carrige.

What items were used in the civil war?

Guns and cannons

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When were signal flags used in the American Civil War?

It was too loud to hear anything and most items were soundproof so the soldiers learned signals that allowed them to communicate without talking.

Which of these Civil War items in the shop is most valuable?

Question incomplete

Why did high protective tariffs hurt southerners more than northerners?

Because the south had access to the waters and seas but north did not, and because of the tariff, the south could do hardly anything and because the southerners had built few factories and didn't benefit from the tariff. Southerners bought many British goods and the tariff drove up the price. The southerners complained that the tariff made northern manufacturers rich at the expense of the South.

What battles or wars were fought in Massachusetts?

No battles were fought in Massachusetts during the Civil War .

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name the tariff placed on printed items during the colonial period name the tariff placed on printed items during the colonial period