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Woman sewed the uniforms for the soldier. Some but not many, actually fought on the battle field. This is surprising because back then, woman were not given the same status as men.

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they helped by being their nureses when being shot and those kind of things

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Some were spys, some were nurses, some were mothers.

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Q: What were some of the things women did to help the soldiers in the civil war?
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What roles did the women serve in the civil war?

they served as nurses,spies , and help get food for the soldiers

What role did Cherokee women play in the Civil War?

They were very useful because if one of the soldiers got hurt they would be there with medians and natural teas to help heal the soldiers

What did women do in the north?

Women in the North. Northern women during the Civil War served many roles including soldiers, nurses, civil rights activists, and abolitionists. With that being said, many women rallied together to help supply troops with food, clothing, money, and medical supplies.

How did the women help with Civil War battles?

There were a few women, particularly in the South, who disguised themselves as men and enlisted in the army.Women took part in the civil war by helping cure the soldiers from their injures they had roles as nurses, spies, and they fought in the war.

Who help treat Civil War Soldiers?

goerge washintion

How did the railroads help the civil war?

They carried soldiers and supplies.

What is Civil War on Sunday about?

It was how jack and annie go back to the Civil war and help wounded soldiers and learn about the Civil War

Who did civil works administration help?

men and women

What did women do to help the American war effort?

the woman around that time help alot in the war effort. they help create uniforms, bombs, artillery, tanks. they helped fix planes and ships and guns. they cooked and cleaned and entertained and nursed sick or wounded soldiers back to health.

Did women have jobs in 1864?

I don't think women did any jobs during that time because they were expected to stay home and do laundry, cook meals, take care of the kids, etc. But some women worked as nurses during the civil war to help the soldiers out.

How did women help thewar effort?

They provided medical care to the soldiers

How did women help in World War I?

They helped by nursing the injured soldiers.