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Tactic-Search & Destroy

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A body count war; find em and kill em (search and destroy).

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Q: What were strategies used in the Vietnam War?
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Strategies in Vietnam?

A strategy used in Vietnam was the use of GuerillaWarfare.

Which nation was most threatened by the strategies Nixon chose to end the Vietnam war?

South Vietnam

How did strategies in Vietnam compare to overall cold war strategies?

Both were aimed at containment of communist expansion.

What weapon was not used in the Vietnam war?

Nuclear weapons were not used in the Vietnam War.

What weapon was not used in Vietnam during the war?

Nuclear weapons were not used during the Vietnam war

What strategies where used in the battle of fredericksburg?

What where the strategies for the Fredericksburg war

What was used to kill people in the Vietnam war?

Napalm bombs were used in the Vietnam War and killed a lot of people.

What strategies did the US used during the war?

Korea was force on force. Vietnam (ya had to find em!); so it was "search and destroy." Although, it must be said, that there were AOs (Areas of Operation) in South Vietnam, where the NVA didn't have to be looked for...they looked for you!

Fighing tactics used in Vietnam war?

Vietnam War: Find'em & Kill'em (Search & Destroy).

When was the Vietnam war occurred?

The most commonly used dates for the Vietnam War are 1959 - 1975.

Which countries used conscription in the Vietnam war?

During the Vietnam War, all combatants (including North Vietnam) used draftees except for the New Zealanders, they sent volunteers to South Vietnam.

Was the P-51 Mustang used in the Vietnam was?

The Mustang was not deployed in Vietnam. It was used in the Korean war.