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The Balkans were called the "Powder Keg of Europe" because they were responsible for World War I starting.

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Q: What were the Balkans called during World War 1?
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Who fought for control of the Balkans during world war 1?

russia and austria-hungary were continually fighting over the 'balkans' during ww1.

Who fought for control of the Balkans in Eastern Europe?

Prior to World War I, the Russians and Austrians were feuding over control of the Balkans.

What are the medium term causes of World War 1?

The Balkans crisis

Name of World War I German Soldiers?

German soldiers during World War I were called "Huns" by the American soldiers. The Germans called their soldiers "The Bosch" during World War I.

Who were the two chief rivals for the control of the balkans before World War 1?

For centuries, the Balkans had been fought over by the Ottomans and the Austrians.

What 2 countries had conflicting interests in the Balkans in World War 2?


Was there a ship called 'Olympus' during World War 2 or the Korean War?

no but it was a battle ship During the Korean war called USS mount Olympus

What was a hot dog called during world war 2?

war dog!

What was loan to the government called during World War 2?

A war bond

What sparked the outbreak of world war 1?

Austria's Archduke Ferdinand's assassination in the Balkans by Serbs.

Where were the major European international crises in the decade before World War 1?

Balkans, Morocco

What event brought the US and the USSR to the brink of World War three?

It is due to the balkans problem