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British trenches were miserable; people lived under constant threat of being hit by gunfire or exploding shells. Disease was also rampant, as soldiers had little protection from cold and rain.

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Q: What were the British trenches like?
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Why did the British dig trenches world war 1?

why did the french and british dug up trenches?To provide cover from view & fire of the enemy.

Why were the British trenches so waterlogged?

British Trenches were waterlogged due to 2 key reasons:The geography of the trenches meant that they were largely flat and below sea level. This meant water was trapped in the trenches as they were dips in the groundThe trenches also had poor drainage systems, which did not allow water to escape

Why are the British and German trenches different?

TheGermans realized that they would have to stay in hem longer so they carefully planned their trenches. The British however didn't realize this and hastily constructed their trenches. Hope that helped!

What lighting did they have in the trenches during ww1?

There were electric light in German trenches in WW1 because they were more advanced and had better trenches than the British.

What was the reserve trenches like?

Reserve trenches

Did the British have concrete in there trenches in world war 1?


What are the trenches built for the British soldier to get close to the Maori pa?

The trenches were called saps and the people who dug them were called sappers.

Who was the Britain's fighting in the trenchs?

The British were fighting the Germans in the trenches

What were the German trenches like?

It was a lot better than the British ones. They had electric lighting and it was more comfortable.

What were trenches like in world war 1?

The Trenches were grotty , digusting and they had no room

What were the World War 1 trenches like?

The Trenches were grotty , digusting and they had no room

Why did world war 1 soldiers dig trenches and what did they need protection from?

They dug trenches to protect themselves from the weapons of the enemy. Turks vs. British