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The Bell UH-1 series of United States helicopters, are also known as Hueys. The Huey became visually synonymous and symbolic of the Vietnam War in there role as making infantry air mobile and evacuating the wounded.

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The term "Hueys" was applied to the general purpose Bell helicopters used by the military, primarily the UH-1E.

(see related question and link)

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Q: What were the Hueys in the Vietnam war?
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What was a transport helicopter called in Vietnam?

The helicopters were called "Hueys".

Did helicopters spray agent orange in Vietnam?

There are photos showing UH-1 Iroquois helicopters (Hueys) spraying chemical agents over South Vietnam.

What did hueys do in Vietnam?

The UH-1 Iroquois (Utility Helicopter), also known as the "Huey", did everything and anything in South Vietnam. From picking up wounded and dead men from the battlefields to supporting them with mini-guns, M60 machineguns, and 2.75 inch rockets from the air. They transported infantrymen into battle, and carried supplies of ammo and water to the field. More Huey's were used in the Vietnam War than any other type of chopper and more Huey's were shot down than any other type of chopper. The symbol of the Vietnam War is the UH-1.

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