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Automatic weapons are able to sustain a high rate of fire compared to non-automatics. This means that they have a higher probability of hitting targets in a given amount of time, and they are able to score large numbers of hits in short periods of time. On the downside, they consume large amounts of ammunition, are more complex and are more subject to overheating. [[User:Crimson30|Crimson30]] 02:26, 7 Jul 2008 (UTC)

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The advantages of using machine guns is that you could fire as many bullets as you want and you get a more actuate shoot. You can fire up to 400-600 bullets a minute (that is a lot of bullets).

Machine guns needed 4-6 men to work them and had to be on a flat surface.

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It gave the side who was being attacked a large advantage over the enemies coming towards them, because they could eliminate multiple hostiles at once.

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Q: What were the advantages of the machine gun in the world war 1?
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What machine gun was used in world war 1?

The British used the Vickers machine gun

What were the main british machine guns used in world war 1?

The Vickers machine gun was the primary machine gun they used in WWI.

Did they have machine gun turrets in world war 1?

Yes that is when gun turrets were invented.

What types of machine guns were used in World War 2?

In World War 2 there were three types of machine guns used: squad support weapon, medium machine gun, and Heavy Machine gun such as the Browning M2, and the M1919

What was the name of the machine gun used by Britain during World War 1?

The primary one they used was the Vickers machine gun.

Why was the intervention needed for World War 2 Production?

Machine Gun

What country developed the machine gun in world war 1?


What weapon of World war 1 was responsible for stalemate?

Machine gun

Vickers machine gun world war 1?

The machine guns in 1914 needed 6-8 one to fire, one to reload ammunition rest to carry gun. The machine guns needed to be on a flat surface and was placed on a tripod. They also had a fire power of 100 guns. The Vickers machine gun was sued through the first world war and through the second world war.

What made World War 1 a new kind of conflict?

the machine gun.

What led to using trenches in world war 1?

the invention of the machine gun.

What was the central powers main weapon in world war 1?

The machine gun