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The Triple Alliance.

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no i can not!

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Q: What were the central and the allies called before the war?
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What were the central powers and the allies called before the war?

the central powers were known before the war as the triple alliance and before the war the allies were known as the triple entente

What were the German and its allies called in world war 1?

the central powers or the triple allience

What was the allies called before World War 1?

the league of nations

Who were main axis powers in World War I?

The Axis did not exist in World War 1. Germany and its allies were called the Central Powers.

What was Germany and Italy called in world war 2?

Central powers by the allies. _____ The term Central Power was generally used in WW1. Italy and Germany were called the Axis in WW2.

What were the two major alliances allowed in World War 1?

The Entente (Sometimes called the "Allies") and the Central Powers.

France great Britain and Russia was called the what before world war 1?


Who was the winner of World War I?

The allies defeated the central powers

Who lost World War I?

The Central Powers lost to the Allies.

Who defeated the central powers in world war 1?

the allies

What were the 2 powers of world war 1?

the allies and central powers.

The central powers were defeated in world war 1?

yes,by the Allies