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Q: What were the dense woods called where Lee defeated Hookers troops near the town of Chancellorsville Virginia?
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In 1861 48 Virginia counties organized themselves as a separate unit called?

West Virginia

What was the east confederate army called?

Army of Northern Virginia

Why did Chinese communists go on the 6000 mile journey called the Long March?

They had been defeated and were fleeing.

What was gained at the battle at Chancellorsville?

The North gained nothing at Chancellorsville except the mortal wounding and death of one of the best southern commanders, Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson. For that the Yankees paid a heavy price in men killed, wounded and missing, and in a lost opportunity to turn Lee's flank, to get around Lee's army and steal a march on Lee in the direction of Richmond, Virginia, the Rebel capital. The Yankee commander, Hooker, actually did a fine job, far better than most of his predecessors, in starting to move around Lee, getting upriver with substantial forces and then across the river to the same side as the southern army. This move placed Lee in a very dangerous position, between two large Yankee forces. But having got over the River, Hooker then stopped, and worst of all stopped in an area of thick, second growth scrub brush and trees called "The Wilderness". In a place like The Wilderness (which surrounded Chancellorsville) Hooker's large advantage in artillery could not be brought to bear, and his edge in manpower was largely negated. The south at Chancellorsville gained a smashing, complete victory over the Yankee army and turned back yet another attempt to move on Richmond. Many regard Chancellorsville as Lee's finest battle and greatest triumph, as the victory was gained against tremendous odds. The cost to the south in lost men was also high, and Jackson was irreplaceable.

How was West Virginia formed?

When Virginia seceded from the Union during the Civil War on 17 Aprol 1861, several counties in the northwestern part of the state decided to secede from the state and remain part of the United States. Lincoln declared West Virginia a state in violation of the US Constitution.

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Where did Robert E Lee defeat Hookers army?

It was a battle that took place near Chancellorsville, Virginia. And it was called "the wilderness".

Where did battle of chancellorsvile take place?

Virginia The Battle of Chancellorsville took place in Virginia near an inn owned by the Chancellor family. It was in an area called "The Wilderness" because of the dense forest of that area.

Where did the Battle of Chancellorsville take place?

The Battle of Chancellorsville was fought at the crossroads of the Orange Turnpike and Ely's Ford Road and the area around there,about ten miles west of Fredricksburg. It is in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. The name Chancellorsville is misleading, as there was no town there. It was actually an inn and tavern built by a George Chancellor, and it was a private residence at the time of the battle.

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What else was the battle of Chancellorsville called?

This battle is known only as Chancellorsville. It is sometimes referred to as "Lee's Masterpiece" or "Lee's most perfect battle" but that is only in reference to the Battle of Chancellorsville and not another name like so many other battles were.

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What is the landscape of the Battle of Chancellorsville?

At the time of the battle the larger area in which Chancellorsville was located was called "The Wilderness" because it was mostly densely forrested with little open ground.This made movement of troops and the use of artillery,and fighting in general very difficult.

What do you call the people who live in Virginia?

Residents of Virginia are called Virginians.

What was the first legislative body in America called?

The first was in Virginia and was called the House of Burgesses

What is the government of Virginia called?

In the American colonies it was called the House of Burgesses. Today it is the State of Virginia.

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