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The different approaches to the reconstruction were number one,the executive or presidential approach. The second was the legislative or congressional approach. The last was the judicial approach. The purpose of the executive or presidential approach was mainly to change charity for southern whites and to get a whole new government. Basically they wanted to be done with the old an in with the new. The legislative or congressional approach set a republican goal to maintain their power and they saw a purpose in the using of the Southern Black vote. They wanted to continue to run things the way they had been doing so and figured if they get the Blacks on their side their vote would help them in this goal. The last the Judicial approach showed the continued struggle between federal and states rights advocates over who should have more power and control.

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Q: What were the different approaches to reconstruction after the war?
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Reconstruction occurred after the North won the war in '75.

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Reconstruction was caused by the Civil war and slavery. After slavery ended Reconstruction was period that helped to rebuild society after the war.

What was the reconstruction in the 1800s?

What was Reconstruction of the civil war times

After the civil war what was the period of rebuilding the South called?

Reconstruction was what the period of rebuilding the south was after the civil war.

What were the years after the civil war known as?

The reconstruction

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The Reconstruction Era occurred right after the civil war. So the civil war caused the reconstruction era to begin.

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The years immediately after the US Civil War were known as the ReconstructionReconstruction

What was the time period of history after the civil war known as?

reconstructionThe years immediately following the civiil war is(1865-1877)are known as the Reconstruction Era

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What year did reconstruction start?

The term "Reconstruction" can refer to different periods, depending on whether you are talking about the reconstruction of state governments of the former Confederate states, or the "Radical Reconstruction" policies of the US Congress. The notorious Radical Reconstruction period began in March of 1867 when the 40th Congress took office and lasted until 1877.

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Congress was in charge of Reconstruction after the Civil War. Andrew Johnson also played a big role in Reconstruction as well.