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Barbed wire was used to keep the trench enemies away from the soldiers in case they come for attack.

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weaknesses of barbed wire during the WWI

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Q: What were the disadvantages with barbed wire during World War 1?
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What would be the barbed wire entanglements main defensive function?

Greatly used in front of the trenches during World War I, the barbed wire had a defensive function to prevent or hinder an enemy frontal attack. Lines of coiled barbed wire were also used for defence in World War II, and in other theatres of war.

What are several types of barbed wire?

The Kansas barbed wire museum has over 2000 different types of barbed wire on display and barbed wire collecting is a popular hobby.

What was barbed wire's first use in warfare?

Barbed wire was first used as a war defense system during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905.

What did Joseph glidden invent?

barbed wire

What contributed to the end of open-range cattle ranching in the mid-1880s?

The invention of barbed wire ended the open range

What are cutters needed to get though the defence in world war 1?

I think it is the barbed wire, which was used extensively during Worl.d War I

Name 3 weapons that were used during world war 1?

Mustard Gas Mines Barbed Wire Machine Guns

How has barbed wire played a role in war?

Barbed wire is used as a defensive obstacle that prevents enemy soldiers from attacking an army's position. Barbed wire injures soldiers and entangles their clothes in order to slow their advance. During World War I, armies created several bands of barbed wire defenses that prevented their enemies from launching successful infantry attacks. Because armies at the time were composed primarily of infantry, the use of barbed wire helped create a military stalemate between the Allies and the Central Powers. Its importance as a military defense declined when armies began using airplanes and tanks, which are not affected by barbed wire.

Who invented the first barbed wire fence?

The barbed wire was invented by Joseph Glidden. The barbed wire was invented by Joseph Glidden.

What is a sentence for barbed wire?

The barbed wire cut the prisoner as he was trying to escape.

When was Barbed Wire Soul created?

Barbed Wire Soul was created in 1997.

When was Bouquet of Barbed Wire created?

Bouquet of Barbed Wire was created in 1976.