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Q: What were the economic military and diplomatic results of the union victory over the confderates?
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How do you go to war?

When two or more nations cannot resolve a significant conflict through diplomatic negotiation, military force is threatened to leverage a settlement. If that fails, military action results - war.

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the need for economic safety nets

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It results into inflation in the country

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Military, Political, & Humane

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The development of new economic interests for europe

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Lusitania disaster, which was NO accident, but the results of a submarine attack.

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suman kumari results

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for economic results

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Castro's Communist Dictatorship & Cuba's economic disaster

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J. Rendell has written: 'Financial results of horticultural holdings in England' 'Financial results of horticultural holdings in England' 'An economic survey of intensive bush cider orchards 1972-1981' -- subject(s): Apple industry, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Apple industry

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Lowered voting age; all volunteer military