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Causes of industrial growth after the Civil War were an increase in the steel industry and the growth of railroads.

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Q: What were the four causes of american industrial growth after the civil war?
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The tremendously rapid growth of American cities in the post-Civil War decades was?

The tremendously rapid growth of American cities in the post-Civil War decades was largely due to immigration. Immigrants from Europe began flooding American shores after the Civil War.

American nation textbook 2005 Industrial Revolution inventors and what they invented industrial revolution after the civil war?

Scrotal sack

Trace the growth of the industrial society that arose in the US following th civil war?

don't know help me answer it

What were the main causes of surrender of the American Civil War?

The main causes of surrender during the American Civil War are the same reason for surrender in any other war,... one side overwhelms the other.

What happened to American industry in years after the civil war?

The United States was transformed from an agricultural to industrial society in years following the Civil War.

What transportation after the civil war made the Industrial Revolution possible?

If I am not mistaken the Industrial Revolution was in progress before the American Civil War began, but I think the answer to this question is the railroad, as it allowed raw materials to be transported to industrial centers more efficiently than ever before.

How can you best explain the transformation of the American economy following the Civil War?

in short, from agricultural to industrial and from rural to urban

What are the five stages in growth of the American electorate?

The five stages in the growth on the American electorate includes the staid, the able service of the founding period, the spoils era, the early unspectacular years of the competitive civil service, the beginning of the modern civil service, and the 25 years since passage of the Civil Service Reform Act.

What three aspects were involved in the spectacular growth of American life in the three decades preceding the Civil War?

The railroad The telegraph. And (ominously) the growth of the cotton trade.

What are four causes of the American Civil War?

Slavery, state's rights, cultural differences, and tariffs.

What are the causes of outbreak of the American Civil War?

Tariffs, state's rights, slavery, and cultural differences.

Was the Civil War a war to end slavery from the beginning?

No. The root causes of the American Civil War were economic (taxation) and political (states' rights).