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The Thirty Years War in Europe was fought in the years of 1618 to 1648. This war was the bloodiest one ever seen in Europe up until that time. The war's issue originated as a religious conflict between Catholic & Protestant rulers. The Protestant military leader was Gustavus Adolphus, the King of Sweden. The Hapsburg kings of Austrialed the Catholic forces throughout the war. In the final stages of this long war, the Catholic Bourbon rulers of France opposed the the Hapsburg rulers of Austria & Spain.

The Bourbons, although Catholics, saw an opportunity to gain more power by supporting the Protestant forces. Now the issues were control of territory not so much as a religious issue.

The 30 Years war was fought mainly on German territory

Finally, in 1648 a treaty was devised to end the war. The Treaty of Westphalia, created the following:

1. France remained Catholic and gained most of the territory known as Alsace;

2. Sweden remained Protestant and gained territory in Northern Germany;

3. Catholic & Protestant rulers in the rest of Germany gained the right to determine the religion of the people they ruled ( Protestants were at this point in time in Europe were either Lutheran or Calvinist ); and

4. Protestant Holland & Switzerlandrecieved recognition as independent countries.

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Q: What were the issues involved in the Thirty Years War?
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What were the countries that were involved in the Thirty Years' War?

I never knew there was a 30 year war?!

Did the Thirty Years' War involve few European powers?

no. At one point or another, basically every european country participated in the 30 years' war.The Thirty Years War involved few European powers?False. European powers were the only powers involved in the Thirty Years War, and there were more than a few of them.

What two religions were involved in the thirty years' war?

Christians. Catholics and Protestants.

1618-1648 thirty years of war fought?

Yes, 1618-1648 are years of the Thirty Years' War, which was fought primaly on present Germany terrains and involved most of European countries (Poland was neutral).

Who was involved in the Thirty Years War?

Many countries were involved on the side of the Protestant States and Allies in the Thirty Years' War. Some of them were Sweden, Denmark-Norway, Saxony, and France. Some of the countries involved on the side of the Roman Catholic States and Allies were the Holy Roman Empire, the Spanish Empire, Hungary, and Austria.

The Thirty Years War involved all major European powers except who?

England, Poland, and Russia stayed out of the 30 years war. They didn't have a dog in that fight.

Where did the Thirty Years' War start?

The thirty years' war started in prague

Why was the thirty year war was fought?

Thirty Years' War , a series of European conflicts from 1618 to 1648, fought primarily in Germany. The war started in Bohemia with a Protestant revolt against the Holy Roman Empire and eventually involved almost all of the countries of Europe. By its final years, religious issues had been submerged and it had become a struggle for power between Austria and Spain on one side and France on the other.

Why didn't England get involved in the Thirty Years' War?

At the time (1618-48) England had its own problems, which culminated in the English Civil War (1642-49).

Who had hegemony in northern Europe by the end of the Thirty Years' War?

England had hegemony in Northern Europe by the end of the Thirty Years' War.

How long did the 30 year war last?

The Thirty Year War lasted 30 years. From 1618-1648.

Peace of westphalia ends which war?

The Thirty Years War