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There were two major forces: Allied and Axis

Major Allied Countries:

United States of America

Great Britain(England only, Ireland was neutral)

Russia or USSR

France(Though France opposed us in the operation Torch landings)

Major Axis Countries:




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Q: What were the major combatants of World War 2?
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Which countries were combatants in world war 2?

Nearly all the major nations were involved in World War 2.

Which country did not work toward the development of the atom bomb during World War 2?

Of the major combatants, probably Italy.

Who were the major combatants in World War 2?

German, Soviet Union, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Japan, USA

What were the combatants of world war 1 and 2?

It's in page 563 of your text book!

Who were the combatants invovled in the Battle of Midway in World War 2?

The navies of the US and Japan .

How many millions men fourth in World War I?

Approximately 65 million combatants fought in World War 1.

Who fought in the battle of North Africa in World War 2?

The primary combatants were the Germans and the British.

What events in the war led to the combatants fighting at this time and place?

What time and which place? There were a lot of battles in World War 2.

Who were combatants of world war 2?

USA, UK, USSR, France vs. Germay, Italy, and Japan

What is the name of the city that the Americans bombed during world war 2?

You will have to be more specific. All of the combatants in World War II bombed many cities.

How many guns were made in world war 2?

total production was in the millions, but there are no complete records of all combatants. sorry

How did Japan send military messages during World War 2?

Wireless communications were used by most of the combatants during WWII.