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America became what it is today. If you want to get into detail: Lincoln died, this spurred anti-imperialist feelings. This caused civil strife between citizens and the government.

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Q: What were the political changes after the American Civil War?
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What were the effects of the American Civil War?

The main effects of the civil war were the economic changes, the slave techniques, capital, political changes, Black codes, Ku Klux Klan, and the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.

What political and economic changes occurred during the Civil War?

When the south and north were fighting for freedom in the civil war

What were the political Issues during the American Civil War?


What political parties were part of the American civil war?

Democrats and Republicans.

Was the Civil War a war to end slavery from the beginning?

No. The root causes of the American Civil War were economic (taxation) and political (states' rights).

What were the political consequences of the Mexican-American War?

It reopened the question of slavery in the US and moved the Nation closer to Civil War.

Was the English Civil War a religious or a political war?

It was mostly political.

Was the American Revolutionary War a civil war?

No, it was not. A civil war is when two or more factions of a country fight against one another in an effort to claim political power or political clout after the fighting. A revolutionary war, like the American Revolution, is fought with the intention of the rebelling forces seeking to gain independence, not necessarily drive political points home or seize power.

How would you explain the difference between civil and political rights?

civil war was a war and political rights are rights

What happend to the american colonies during civil war?

The American colonists were in an economic and political disarray. It is because the states were not effectively unified.

When did the American Civil War finish?

the American civil war finished in 1865

What is a good Civil War topic sentence?

Throughout the years 1820- 1865 there were many political, social, and economic changes.

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