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Atlantic Charter... these cross words suck... go owatonna high school

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Q: What were the principles called that Roosevelt and Churchill made?
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What was the agreement made between Roosevelt and Churchill called?

I think it was called the Atlantic Charter.

Stalin ignored some of the agreements that he Churchill and Roosevelt had made at Yalta.?


What Stalin ignored some of the agreements that he Churchill and Roosevelt had made at Yalta?


What was the top priority when churchill and roosevelt made war planis in 1941?

i duno do u

What decisions were made between Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Washington conference?

Save Britain FIRST (Europe First).

Why should the allies have made eliminating death camps a priority during the war?

Just look at the rhetoric of Churchill and Roosevelt.

When Churchill and Roosevelt first made war plans after us entry they decided the top priority was to? Defeat Germany first.

Name the men who made up the big three in World War 2?

stalin from russia, roosevelt from us, churchill uk

Do you agree with the decision made by Roosevelt and Churchill to require unconditional surrender by the Axis powers why or why not think about the advantages of defeating a foe decisively?

I totally agree with Churchill and Roosevelt after recalling what had happened in the last World War; they wanted to do anything to prevent it; Even if it meant granting murderers diplomatic immunity.

Who were the main leaders that made up the allies?

The President of US was Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Prime Minister of France was Edouard Daladier. The dictator of the USSR was Josef Stalin.

Who were the 3 men who made up the big three?

Joseph Stalin from the Soviet Union, Franklin D. Roosevelt from the US, and Winston Churchill from Great Britain.

What was the importance of The Big Three?

These men in The Big Three - Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin - made plans for the end of Europe and what the future will have in store for the European countries.