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Q: What were the two phases of the Reconstruction period?
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What were the phases of the Reconstruction period?

1.)The Presidential Reconstruction2.)Radical Reconstruction

What was the period when congress punished the south?


What are the two main methods of performing breast reconstruction after mastectomy?

The method used for performing breast reconstruction is based on the preference of the patient. The reconstruction can be done by immediate reconstruction, where reconstruction occurs in the same time period in which mastectomy is done, or by delayed reconstruction, where reconstruction of the breast is done after mastectomy.

After the civil war what was the period of rebuilding the South called?

Reconstruction was what the period of rebuilding the south was after the civil war.

What was the period known for reconstruction?

The Reconstruction Era. You're welcome.

What was the time period of history after the civil war known as?

reconstructionThe years immediately following the civiil war is(1865-1877)are known as the Reconstruction Era

What and when was Reconstruction?

Reconstruction is the period after the Civil War until 1877. It was a period where the South was being punished by the North for starting the Civil War.

With regard to the model of psychosocial stages of disaster which is the correct sequence?

rescue, inventory, and reconstruction phases

What is a moonless period called?

If you are referring to lunar phases, there are two phases in which the moon is not visible to the earth. In the New Moon and Dark Moon lunar phases, the moon is not visible to those on earth. See related links for more information.

What is the period of reconstruction?

The Reconstruction Era was the period of time that began after the US Civil War. The plans to reunite the USA were controversial and bitter.

Is it true the cycle of tbe phases takes about two days longer than the moon revolution around earth?

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What is the cause of the reconstruction?

Reconstruction was caused by the Civil war and slavery. After slavery ended Reconstruction was period that helped to rebuild society after the war.