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unarmed, armed, passive, and aggressive resistance.

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what were the 3 types of resistance? i reallt dont know this stuff so i kind of need help with this Holocaust.

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Q: What were the types of resistance during the Holocaust?
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What were three different types of ghettos in the Holocaust?

There were Closed, Open, and Destruction ghettos during the Holocaust..

Where did they store people during the holocaust?

they established a network of various types of camp.

What symptoms did they check during the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was too big, covering many different types of people for anyone to work out who, where and when the 'they' that you refer to are.

What did the holocaust have to do with the Danish resistance?


What types of torture did they use during the holocaust?

The tortures at the camps was labout, brutal attacks, rape

How many resistance were killed in the Holocaust?


Types of people killed during holocaust?

The Holocaust was the attempted extermination of Europe's Jews. At the same time there was an effort to kill as many Gypsies as possible. There were many more victims of the Nazis, but they were not persecuted like those in the Holocaust.

How many resistance people were killed in holocaust?


What countries were involved in the holocaust resistance?

because it was awsome

Were there any resistance to the Holocaust?

Yes, but it was infrequent and not organised.

How many children died in the holocaust resistance?

not many, if any, resistance was undertaken mainly by adults.

During the Holocaust why did the Norwegians have to wear paper clips?

My understanding is that they wore them as a silent protest of Hitler's regime. They weren't forced to wear them; it was an act of resistance.