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The Treaty of Versailles was one of the most punitive treaties in history. Great Britain and France sought to crush Germany. As a result, it forced Germany into a dire financial quagmire that eventually opened the door for the rise of Adolph Hitler. Circumstances uncovered by the Nye Commission, caused the American people to believe they had been tricked into entering World War I. As a result, it took an actual attack on American soil to move citizens to join the fight in World War II. The terms of the Treaty of Versailles caused Congress to refuse to ratify it, and nix involvement in the League of Nations.

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  1. The Cold War started and true peace and freedom was not accomplished at the end of World War 2. It took 50 more years for the Poles and other eastern bloc nations to gain their freedom from the communist Soviet Union.
  2. The Japanese continue to suffer from the after effects of the radiation poison. They have a Japanese and American team that monitors the problem and helps solve problems from it.
  3. Germans took decades to get over the problems of the Nazi rule. Many had dearly loved Hitler. They were hurt and full of shame over what Hitler had done. The denazification of their hearts took time. They felt betrayed and lost. It took a long time for them feel accepted by the world. The world took a long time to accept and forgive the Germans in Europe.
  4. The surviving Jews were displaced and unloved by the Germans. They had to be relocated and restored to good heath. Most of them came to the United States and some went to Israel or other countries. It took 5 decades for them to get reparations and to get their money out of the Swiss Banks.
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Q: What were three possible negative effects of the peace term reached after world war 1?
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