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the one main cause was:

: Slavery, the fact that some of the states had slaves and some not any, and the south defended it because their entier economy depended on the raw goods they produced that were sold to the north to be made into a finished product.

not lincolin because he didnt want to end slavery just the expansion of slavery

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1) state's rights - the south felt like they weren't treated equally

2) sectionalism - favoring one section or state rather than the whole country

(and I'll throw in a third one too)

3) slavery - the south needed slaves for farming, the north was mostly industry so they didnt need slaves. most of the northerners (and some southerners) didn't think slavery was right

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There were several causes of the Civil War including slavery. The social and economic differences between the North and South was an other contributing factor.
Economic and social differences between the North and the South and the controversy of slavery caused the Civil War.

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The North wanted to abolish slavery, but the south had many large plantations that were anable to operate without a large labor force. Slaves being an extremly cheap labor source, you can see the problem.

The south seceded from the United States of America, and started their own government, The Confederate States of America.

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Q: What were two general causes of the Civil War?
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Many Generals were awarded the Medal of Honor for the Civil War. Two were General Arthur MacArthur and Joshua Chamberlain.

Who was the two war hawks of the Civil War?

Ulyses C. Grant for the Union and General Lee for the Confederacy

What were two main causes of the US Civil War?

Slavery disputes and trading rights.

Who were the two generals that fought at the battle of five forks in the civil war?

General Robert Lee and General Sheridan

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The Media The Government

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2 reasons that caused the civil war?

States Rights and slavery (human rights) are two causes.

What general in chief of the army during the US Civil War was later a us president?

Ulysses Grant became famous from the Civil War and was later elected President for two terms.

What was the major cause of emigration after the civil war?

The two major causes were the Homestead Act and the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

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