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Great Britain


United States




Italy There were many others (that's why they called it a world war), but these are the main players.

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Q: What where the main parties in World War 2?
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What political parties formed the coalition in the UK during world war 2?

Every political parties

What are facts about street parties from World War 2?

hi callum

What political parties were present during World War 2?

The Nazi Party

Main things about world war 2?

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In world war 2 what would people do in street parties?

dancing, Eating and stuff.

What was the main battle in Europe in World War 2?

d day was the main war in europe.

Which are the 2 main countries of world war 2?

NewZealnd and Australia were the main countries that were involved

What were the two main theatre of war in World War 2?

Europe and The Pacific.

What was the difference between world war 1 and world world 2 as far as the American people were concerned?

In world War I we fought as supporters of one of the main parties, We did not have - as a society - an investment in the war. In World War II we resisted getting involved - Since it was basically a repeat of World War I - except as a supplier of manufacturing power. UNTIL we our selves were attacked. This galvanized the common American and then we put a stop to it. Period.

What were the main countries fighting in World War 2?

There was not specifically two main countries in World War 2. However, the most involved were the United Sates, Japan, U.S.S.R. (Soviets), Nazi Germany, Great Britian, and France was also involved until they surrendered early on in the war. The USA tried to stay out of WWII, until the USA was attacked at Pearl Harbor. America and Germany, then America and Japan, were main parties.

Who were the 2 main countries in World War 2?

japan and germany where the two main countries in ww2

Why do Americans think they were important in World War 1 and World War 2?

because they are isolated from the main continent and were out of war.