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I dont know the ansers yet

Hopefully it will retain it's identity and not adopt too many western ideas.

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a big bowl of noodles

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Q: What will china be like in the future?
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china will be the next America

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I never been to china so i would not know, but they do have places in china where they give u american information if u dont understand. Like maybe like a location store, maybe liike up china in a information pamplet

Did Zou Han Dynasty have an influence from china?

What's Zou Han? Zhou & Han are two separate dynasties in Chinese history. How can it have an influence FROM China? You mean Modern China, like Mainland China? or Taiwan, ROC? It's impossible to have an influence FROM the future.

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The future tense is will like.

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orcale bones are bones that are belived to tell the future and china used them for all sorts of stuff like ceramonies, church, etc... but only priests and docters could use them

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