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The World Court

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Q: What world group had a membership of over 50 nations?
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In ww1 who had a membership of over 50 nations?

The World Court

How did World War 2 change maps?

The maps had to be changed because the USSR took over Eastern European nations. Some of the South East Asian nations were released from the imperialist rule and they were able to become their own nations with new names. Later the countries in Africa were freed too and they got new names.

Did World War 2 happen in The Philippines?

The Islands of the Philippines were invaded by the Japanese. They defeated the American and Filipino forces on the islands. They were subjects of the Japanese for over three years. Many Pacific Islands and nations in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Norwegian nations were part of World War 2. The Philippines were not the only islands in the war. See the related link below if you are curious about it.

What countries were in the United Nation during the World War 2?

idont know but no i guess it was not involved because its purpose too was to stop war so why would it join a war?! see.......

What three countries were on the Allies side during world war 2?

There were numerous countries directly and indirectly supporting the allies, over 60 nations all told. The Allied nations we normally consider to be the primary belligerents were The United States, Russia and the United Kingdom (Great Britain and its commonwealth nations such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) China was also a key ally but only in the Pacific theater, whereas the previously mentioned nations had stakes in both Europe and the Pacific.

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In ww1 who had a membership of over 50 nations?

The World Court

What is a group of nations from all over the world that cooperate on issues that they agree are important?

United Nations

Which nations are Axis Members and Which are Allied members?

As in the case of the Allies, membership of the Axis was fluid, with some nations switching sides or changing their degree of military involvement over the course.

Number of nations competing in Beijing 2008?

20 nations from all over the world

How is the British commonwealth linked to the British empire?

The Commonwealth of Nations are all former colonies administrated/ruled by the United Kingdom. The British Empire 'evolved' into the Commonwealth of Nations after many of them gained independence.

Is the United Nations a union of European nations?

No. The United Nations has members from all over the world. The European Union is an organisation that has members from Europe.

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Why was Genghis Khan taking over many nations?

because he wanted to take over the world

What special day was it yesterday around the world?

Did u know october the 24 is united nations day. The united nations help all over the world. They bring nations together for peace and developement.

Are freemasons going to take over the world?

No, world domination is not a part of Freemasonry's agenda. Indeed, it appears that the world will in all likelihood be taken over by multinational corporations, which are ineligible for Masonic membership.

Which continent was largely taken over by the imperialistic nations of the world?


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