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1945. That's when the war ended for all combatants, only to be replaced by the Cold War and all those other wars since.

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Q: What year did A merica stop fighting in World War 2?
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What is the twelve years of Truce?

a truce is an agreement to stop fighting between two enemies. so a twelve year truce is an agreement to stop fighting for twelve years.

What year did US troops start fighting in World War 1?


What year did America begin fighting in World War 1?

We joined WWI in April of 1917

During the first year of World War 2 which county was not involved in the actual fighting?


What year did rationing stop in World War 2?

mainly in the 1950s

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Africa: 80 lbs Europe: 150 lbs UNITED STATES OF MERICA: 300lbs North Korea: N/A

How long did the World War I last and during which year did fighting take place?

World war 1 lasted for 4 years (1914-1918).

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What year did the US start fighting Germany in World War 2?

The United States started fighting Japan in 1941, since Germany & Italy were allies of Japan, they declared war on The U.S.

What were the goals of Hiroshima?

We were engaged in a 4-year war with Japan, they weren't going to give up, we needed to stop them, and either we tried to scare the Japs out of fighting by nuking them or invading them. If we invaded Japan, it would have taken an extra year of fighting and it would have killed 1 million US soldiers and 2 million Japanese people. On the contrary, only a few thousand died in the bombing. The goal of the bombing was to stop the war.

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