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It took place during the spring and summer of 1942 after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The United States Government moved of 110,000 people of Japanese descent (both American-born and alien Japanese) from their homes in an area bordering the Pacific coast into 10 wartime communities constructed in remote areas between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Mississippi River, called "War Relocation Camps". At the time, the invasion of the West Coast by Japan seemed a possibility. The Western Defense Command of the United States Army decided that the military situation required this.

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See website: Japanese-American internment

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Q: What year did Japanese Americans relocate?
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They rhought that japanse was bad person

Why did Japanese Americans relocate?

Because at that time The U.S was at war with the Japanese and they didn't any spies from Japan coming to america also a lot of Japanese owned land around airplane factories

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Why was the placement of Japanese Americans considered constitutional during ww2?

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They lost almost everything they onwned. They were only allowed to keep whatever they could fit into a small bag (backpack).

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