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september 4, 1914

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Q: What year did the Germans halt near Paris in early World War 1?
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Did World War 1 kill progressivism?

Yes, once World War I began, the progressive era came to a grinding halt. President Wilson's words stating the war would make the world safer for democracy didn't ring true when the horrors of the war itself seemed so out of hand.

How a war can halt the dvelopment of a country or reverse it?

It can destroy buildings resulting in a lot of money put into building them.

What did Spain do to halt expansion into its territory?

Spain closed the lower Mississippi River to American shipping in 1784.

How did the Blitzkrieg work?

Blitzkrieg mean " Lightening War".It is based on speed and surprise and was the tactic used by the Germans early on in WW2.You can read about it's beginning at the enclosed web site,Blitzkrieg the "blitzkreg" was a form of warfare based on new technologies worked out in the 1930's by the German general staff. before this most wars were conducted at the speed of a foot soldier or at best a horse. with the advent of the truck the tank and the aircraft. the Germans used the speed this offered to concentrate their forces on one spot on the battlefield using the tanks to break thru the lines spreading out to cause panic in the rear areas while the infantry pushed thru the opening with air support covering their advance mopping up the enemy forces as they went. the french had more and better tanks then the Germans when the Nazi's attacked. the french however had their tanks spread out doling them out a few a time to their infantry units instead of in tank outfits like the German panzer gruppen. the main drawback to the biltz was outrunning your supply lines which the Germans did often causing them to halt and allowing the enemy to regroup. sorry to be so long winded but not a simple question. The short answer is - combined arms deep penetration operations. Germans focused power on one spot, struck a hole in the enemy line and poured through it all over the enemy rear, never minding their own flanks. They could do this at great speed because of motorisation, but the whole concept was made possible by improved communications, command and control. The Germans also pioneered combined arms operations, i.e. the use of smallish "armies" consisting of all types of weapons, operating independently. Another ingredient is the "vertical envelopement" - i.e. paradrops behind the enemy main line.

What country falls after eacuation of 338000 soldiers?

France fell right after that in June 1940. The evacuation of British and about 60,000 French soldiers, with your equipment, occurred at the port of Dunkirk in Belgium. Over 1000 British ships of all sizes were dispatched to save these soldiers. The great break these soldiers got from being captured, was Goering's insistence to Hitler, to allow his airforce to destroy the Allied forces on the beach. Hitler orders his army and panzers to halt and this gave time for the British to come to their rescue and they used their fighters to fight the Luftwaffe. The Germans lost many aircraft and a golden opportunity to destroy the Allied armies at Dunkirk. 4 years later, most of these men would be part of the invasion of France called D-Day and get their revenge on the Germans!

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To halt the outflow of East Germans to the West.

Where did the Germans halt the allies at the battle of the bulge?

The Airborne halted the German advance at the city of Bastogne.

Where did the Allies halt the Germans advance at Battle of the Bulge?

The Airborne halted the German advance at the city of Bastogne.

Where did the allies halt the Germans advance at the battle of the bulge?

The Airborne halted the German advance at the city of Bastogne.

Why was the purpose of Britain fighting in World War 2?

To halt German aggression.

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President Wilson was prompted by the refusal of Germany to halt its naval attacks.

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