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'55 to '75.

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Q: What years did the Vietnam war go to and from?
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When did the US go to war in Vietnam?

Guerrilla war in South Vietnam '55; conventional war with North Vietnam '64.

What were the years the Vietnam war last?


How many years was Vietnam at war?


Is the Vietnam war World War 1?

Vietnam War is held in the period of Nov 1955 to Apr 1975. nearly 19 years of war. WW1 held in the period (1914-1918). WW1 is ealier war compare to the period of Vietnam war

Why did the Vietnam and the United States go in to war?

There was no "Vietnam" during the Vietnam War. Communist NORTH Vietnam was attacking non-communist SOUTH Vietnam, and the US was trying to drive the communists out of South Vietnam...trying to stop communist aggression. It's called the Vietnam War because it's a lot easier to say, and less confusing...than to say "South Vietnam War" or "North Vietnam War", so some people go so far as to say the war in Southeast Asia instead.

Why did you go to war at Vietnam?

To fight communism.

Vietnam war protester did what?

The NUMBER ONE reason for protesting the war was THEY DIDN'T WANT TO GO TO VIETNAM (THE DRAFT!).

What effects Vietnam from the Vietnam war?

Vietnam war made Vietnamese people having to do highest their effort to catch developed country.Maybe 100 years to be America now.

Who was the president that diplomatically recognized the Vietnam government twenty years after the Vietnam war ended'?


How long was the Vietnam war?

Vietnam was at war with France before the US intervened in the sixties. In fact, they defeated the French in 1956 and became independent, but divided into North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The Vietnam war the US was in was the result of the North and their communist sympathizers in the South (the Viet Cong) trying to unite the country under communism. When the US pulled out in 1975, they were successful.

Why did United States go to war with north Vietnam?

To prevent them from conquering South Vietnam.

Years of us invlovement in the Vietnam war?