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When NVA tanks parked on the front lawn of South Vietnam's capital on 30 April 1975.

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Q: When and why did Vietnam reunite?
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Ddi north Vietnam and south Vietnam ever reunite?

yes, that is why "Vietnam" exists, check out a map sometime, they're actually useful.

What was the war in Vietnam according to the north vietnamese?

North Vietnam saw the war as an attempt to reunite their country and treat all people the same economically.

How did the north Vietnamise reunite Vietnam?

By force of arms. The North Viet Army invaded the south and defeated it (or conquered it).

How did north and south Vietnam reunite?

North and South Vietnam were unified in 1976 to form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam after the end of the Vietnam War. The North Vietnamese Army captured Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, in 1975, leading to the unification of the country under communist rule.

How was the Vietnam conflict similar to that in Korea?

The North invaded the South with communists being in the North in both countries, they were both caused by efforts to reunite themselves.

What was president Richards nixons plan for vietnamization of the war?

U.S Forces would withdraw and ARVN troops would try to reunite Vietnam under a single flag.

What was the name of the capital of north Vietnam?

North Vietnam and South Vietnam only existed from 1955-1975, when North Vietnamese forces were able to reunite the country at the close of the Second Indochinese War (called the Vietnam War in the USA).The capital of North Vietnam was HANOI (and this remains the capital of united Vietnam)The capital of South Vietnam was SAIGON / HO CHI MINH CITY.

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