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Führer is the German word for Leader. Hitler got the title of the Führer or Leader of the Nazi party in 1920.

In 1934, shortly before the President of Germany died, the German Congress passed a new law which said that in the event of the death of the President, the offices of the Chancellor and the President would be combined and the holder of both offices would be known as Der Führer. According to German law, the Chancellor of Germany succeeded the President because there was no Vice President. There was a Vice Chancellor who succeeded the Chancellor under the German law, but under the new law there was no Chancellor.

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Q: When did Adolf Hitler give himself the title of futhrer?
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When Adolf Hitler seized power in Germany what title did he give himself?


What title did adolf Hitler acquire in 1933?

Adolf Hitler acquired the title of Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

What is Adolf Hitler's official title in German?

Fuhrer Hitler which also means "leader Hitler".

What title did adolf Hitler give himself during world war 2?

Supreme Emperor of the Third Reich

What was Adolf Hitler's title in World War 2?

Chancellor of Germany

What was the title of the book in which Adolf Hitler explained has political beliefs?

Mein Kampf .

What was the title belonged to Adolf Hitler by his adherents the German word for leader?


As the nazi leader what was Hitler known as?

Adolf Hitler's official title was Reichskanzler und fuhrer, or Chancellor of the Reich and Leader.

Who or what was Der Fuhrer?

Der Fuhrer, in it's literal sense, means "the leader". However, during his reign, Adolf Hitler described himself as the Fuhrer, which was simply his title for dictator of Nazi Germany.

Who is title did Hitler give himself as the leader of Fermany?


Did adolf Hitler ever write any book or play?

Adolf Hitler was the author of Mein Camf, his autobiography in German which title in English means My Struggle. It was in this book that he said, 'The strong man becomes the strongest, when aline.'

Is a chancellor the same as a nation leader?

It was the Title used by Adolf Hitler for that purpose. Germany still uses the title, but the translation as "Nation Leader" is misleading.