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actually they entered into World War 2 only a few days after the attack on pearl harbor not they day it happened because they had to prepare for war they couldn't go into war unprepared!!!

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America remaind neutral throughout the begining of World War II. We only entered when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

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Q: When did America entered World War 2?
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What happened World War 2 1941?

America entered the war

When America Entered World War 2?

December 1941

How was America's approach to the world different after World War 2 from is approach to the world after World War 1?

america entered the war after pearl harbor

When America entered World War 2 who controlled most of Europe?


Where did America invaded before entering world war 2?

The United States had invaded the Philippines before they entered the World War 2.

How was America's entrance into World War 2 different from World War 1?

in world war two we entered by the boming of pearl harbor and ww2 was the natzies

Should have America entered world war 2?

If we didn't we'd be typing in German or Jap

Why did world war 2 expand into north America?

Not all of North America was in the war, The US entered after Axis Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

Why did America entered first world war 2?

Becacause Japan bombed pearl harbor in Hawiia.

Who entered the World War 2 war firstThe United States of America?

Nazi Germany, you do know this stuff is on Wikipedia, right?

When America entered World War 2 they planned Operation Torch an invasion of what country?

French North Africa

When Did World War 2 occurred?

1939-1945,America entered in 1941