When did Battle Dex happen?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Battle Dex happened in 2010.

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Q: When did Battle Dex happen?
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When was Battle Dex created?

Battle Dex was created in 2010-04.

What level is Bertha's Hippowdow in Pokemon Platinum?

Battle before the national dex - 52 Battle after the national dex - 68

In island one Team rocket grunts won't let me battle?

You have to get the national dex before you can battle them. You get the national dex by having at least 60 Pokémon registrated in your regular dex and talking to Oak.

Where do you battle professor oak after completing the national dex?

You don't battle Prof. Oak.

Where do you battle a Gengar before you get the national dex?

Go to Fantina

What are all of the Pokemon in the Sinnoh pokedex for Pokemon platinum?

A way to complete your sinnoh dex is to battle every trainer, Nintendo made it so if you battle every trainer you will complete your sinnoh dex.

How do you complete the nantional DEX on Pokemon pearl?

You can either use R4 cheats or battle in battle tower.

How do you get a ratatta in Pokemon diamond?

have the national dex and go to the battle groud

How do you unlock more areas in Pokemon battle arena?

you have to get a national dex.

How do you get the national dex in pokemon platnum?

You have to beat dawn in a Pokemon battle.

How do you become the champion of Sinnoh and get the national dex on Pokemon diamond?

You become the champion by beating Cynthia and you have to battle everyone in the game to get the national dex

How do you get national pokedex on Pokemon diamond?

You get the national dex by seeing every Pokemon in the Sinnoh dex. But don't worry you only have to see them in battle not catch them. When your dex is full go to profeser rowan in sandgem.