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Battle of Heartbreak Ridge happened on 1951-10-15.

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Q: When did Battle of Heartbreak Ridge happen?
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What is the duration of Heartbreak Ridge?

The duration of Heartbreak Ridge is 2.17 hours.

When was Heartbreak Ridge created?

Heartbreak Ridge was created on 1986-12-05.

When did Battle of Pea Ridge happen?

Battle of Pea Ridge happened in 1862.

When did Battle of Pilckem Ridge happen?

Battle of Pilckem Ridge happened in 1917-08.

Who played Swede in Heartbreak Ridge?

Peter Koch played Swede in the movie "Heartbreak Ridge"

What airfield was at the end of heartbreak ridge?

The airfield in the movie "Heartbreak Ridge" is fictional and was created for the film.

What was the opening song in the movie Heartbreak ridge?

The opening song in the movie Heartbreak Ridge (with Clint Eastwood) is "Sea of Heartbreak" by Don Gibson.

When did Battle of Blanc Mont Ridge happen?

Battle of Blanc Mont Ridge happened in 1918.

When did Battle of Bloody Ridge happen?

Battle of Bloody Ridge happened on 1951-09-05.

When did Battle of Tsimba Ridge happen?

Battle of Tsimba Ridge happened on 1945-02-09.

When did Battle of Edson's Ridge happen?

Battle of Edson's Ridge happened on 1942-09-14.

When did Battle of Thiepval Ridge happen?

Battle of Thiepval Ridge happened on 1916-09-28.