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Canada fought in WW1 until the Armistice was signed at 11:00 on November 11th, 1918.

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Q: When did Canada stop fighting in World War 1?
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When did World War I stop fighting?

The world war 1 ended on 11th November 1918

When did the United States stop fighting in World War?


When did fighting stop in World War 2?

14 Aug 1945

What was the temporary stop to fighting is called in World War I?


When did Canada start fighting in world war 2?

01 Sept 1939

Who did Canada fight in World War 1?

Canada was an ally to Britain and the USA fighting Germany during the WW1

What was the agreement to stop fighting called in world war 1?

It was Treaty of Versailles

When did World War 2 soldiers stop fighting?

in 1066 when the dinosaur farted

Why was world war 1 called a world war even though the fighting was only concentrated in Europe?

Even though all the fighting was overseas, Canada and United States and other countries were involved, making it a world war.

In which World War did fighting stop in the trenches and both fighting sides play football?

It was during World War 1 that fighting stopped in the trenches and both fighting sides played football. It was called the Christmas Truce and took place in 1914.

Where wasn't there fighting in World War 2?

There was no fighting on the continental U.S. as well as Canada and Mexico. There was no fighting in Central America, South America, Australia, and of course, Antarctica.

What battle in World War 1 established Canada as a strong fighting force?

The Battle of Vimy Ridge.