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Canadian Airborne Regiment ended in 1995.

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Q: When did Canadian Airborne Regiment end?
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What are the names of the four Canadian regiment that fought to-gether for the first time at Vimy Ridge ww1 1914-1919?

Canadian Expeditionary force Princess Patricia's Canadian Light infantry The Royal Newfoundland Regiment The Van doos

When did Stickney's Regiment of Militia end?

Stickney's Regiment of Militia ended in 1777.

What was the nickname of the 101st airborne soldiers?

Paratroopers. No. Paratroopers are the name for airborne soldiers of any country who descend by parachute. American airborne regiments probably have their own lesser-known nicknames, and perhaps they can be obtained by researching each regiment individually. I can recall only one offhand. The 555th in World War 2 was nicknamed "the Poor Old 555th" because they were held out of combat throughout the war, and the only action they saw was extinguishing forest fires caused by Japanese balloon bombs. The 555th was as good as any other American airborne regiment, but they were a black unit, and racism was a factor. I also remember that the 503rd was the regiment which recaptured the island of Corregidor on February 16, 1945. Corregidor was called the ROCK and as a result the regiment is still called the ROCK Regiment. They are currently assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vicenza, Italy. The nickname for the 173rd is the "Sky Soldiers". This nickname was given to them by the Chinese when the 173rd was stationed in Japan and conducted all manner of training jumps into the orient. The Chinese called them "Tien Bien" meaning, "Sky Soldiers".

When did Duke of Cumberland's Regiment of Light Dragoons end?

Duke of Cumberland's Regiment of Light Dragoons ended in 1749.

Who are the best paratrooper forces in the world?

The British Paras, The Parachute Regiment, the elites and famous p company selection and the founders of the red beret which is adapted to all airborne forces around the world

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When was Canadian Airborne Regiment created?

Canadian Airborne Regiment was created in 1968.

What are the colors for the airborne forces badge?

colours vary depending on the Airborne Regiment. Each regiment or special unit has it's own colours

When was The Royal Canadian Regiment created?

The Royal Canadian Regiment was created in 1883.

Where did most of the paratroopers come from who fought in the battle of the bulge?

325th glider regiment, 101st Airborne...................

When was Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment created?

Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment was created in 1840.

When was The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum created?

The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum was created in 1983.

When was Canadian Regiment of Fencible Infantry created?

Canadian Regiment of Fencible Infantry was created in 1803.

When was Canadian Special Operations Regiment created?

Canadian Special Operations Regiment was created in 2006.

Where was the 101 Airborne 501st Regiment base camp 1967-1969?

LZ Sally

When did Airborne Express end?

Airborne Express ended in 2003.

When did Cambridgeshire Regiment end?

Cambridgeshire Regiment ended in 1961.

When did Cyprus Regiment end?

Cyprus Regiment ended in 1950.