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US forces landed in strength during "Operation Torch" in Algeria and Morocco in November 1942 together with British and Commonwealth troops. The forces then moved East to Morrocco where they eventually met up with the British 8th Army that had advanced from Egypt across Libya.

During WW2 there was fighting in Ethiopia (Abyssinia), Somaliland, Northern Kenya, French West Africa and Madagascar. US forces only participated in the Morocco and Algerian limited action against French Vichy forces and against German and Italian units in Tunisia.

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For the first three or four days the US fought the French. Germany had overrun France and installed a collaborationist government, the hated "Vichy" regime, which became a German ally. Nobody was happy about this fighting between Americans and French, and the French soon gave it up and came over to the American side. After that the Americans fought the Italians and Germans.

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Q: When did US fight in Africa in World War 2?
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