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War of the Regulation happened in 1770.

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Q: When did War of the Regulation happen?
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What would happen if there was failure in homoeostatic regulation in the body?

Illness, disease, and death.

What best describes the impact of world war 1 on the American economy?

Regulation Increased.

Did gunners in airplanes carry sidearms in world war 2?

They were not issued regulation sidearms. Some may have carried non-regulation personal sidearms in case they were shot down.

What has the author Kenneth Armstrong written?

Kenneth Armstrong has written: 'Regulation, Deregulation, Re-Regulation (European Dossier Series)' 'Canada & the Civil War' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, History, United States Civil War, 1861-1865

Is there another civi war about to happen?

As of August 2014, there is not another Civil war about to happen in the US.

What war happen in 1941?

World War 2

What will the consequences be for the colonists without a war?

Without the war against Britain The Colonists would be subject to the unfair rule and regulation that Great Britain handed to them.

How did the government encourage the growth of the business after the civil war?

by following a laissez-faire policy of minimal regulation

What Army Regulation makes it a requirement to train Soldiers and leaders on the Laws of War?

Ar 350-1

Can you be ordered to violate a military regulation?

Technically, no. Realistically, it does happen. You will have to make your own decision and cross that bridge when, or if, the time ever comes.

When were the dates of Vietnam war?

the war happen in 1955 to 1975

Where did the creek war happen?

the creek war happened in 1865