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According to primary sources, ie newspapers, journals and diaries the nation came to realize that it would be a long and bloody war after the Battle of Shiloh in April of 1862.

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Q: When did both sides of the of the Civil War realize that the war would be long?
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Why was the civil war proceded?

Because both sides knew they would win!

What were the attitudes of both the north and the south in the US Civil War concerning victory?

Both sides were sure they were going to win. When the war started they thought it would be over quickly, bring glory, and be a great adventure . Little did they realize it would be so bloody, long, and deadly.

First real fighting of the Civil War which convinced both sides the war would be long and difficult?

Often called the First Battle of Bull Run, the first major battle of the American Civil War took place near Manassas, Virginia, in July of 1861. Resulting in a clear but not decisive Confederate victory, this battle helped many Americans on both sides of the conflict realize that the war would be both lengthy and difficult, no matter who would eventually win.

Where did both sides of the civil war believe at the start?

That the war would end by Christmas and they would win.

Similarities between north and south during civil war?

The similarities between north and the civil war are...... Both sides were American. Both sides spoke English. Both sides raised regional units. Both sides had the same weapons. Both sides had poor medical care. Both sides wanted to expand

What did most people on both sides think Before the first battle of the Civil War?

The prevailing opinion of the people from both sides was that the war would be short and nearly bloodless.

When did people start to realize the war would be longer and more violent than suspected during the civil war?

After the war's first pitched battle (Bull Run/Manassas) in July 1861, when both sides realised that they were not ready for operations, and it would be many months before they would be.

Did people think the civil war would be long and bitter?

no. both sides thought it would be a quick and simple war.

Why did northerners and southerns eagerly rush in to the civil war?

Because both sides were certain that they would win.

What did both sides realize about their troops after the battle of bull run?

they couldn't win

What were the capital of both sides of the civil war?


What did the civil war cost both sides?

$8.2 billion