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All American troops, except for approximately 16,000 military advisors, withdrew from Vietnam on November 30, 1972 ending all combat operations.

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April 30, 1975 .

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Q: When did combat operation end in Vietnam?
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Is Combat Arms in Vietnam?

Combat Arms: Vietnam is based in Vietnam There are other games in the Combat Arms series

When did Operation Combat Fox happen?

Operation Combat Fox happened in 1968.

Artists after the Vietnam war?

Some websites: Vietnam War Combat Art, US Army Combat Art, USMC Combat Art, US Navy...the Vietnam Experience.

What are the release dates for Air Combat - 1993 Vietnam Combat from the Cockpit?

Air Combat - 1993 Vietnam Combat from the Cockpit was released on: USA: 1 June 1993

Paris Peace Accords?

This intended to establish peace in Vietnam and an end to the Vietnam War. It ended direct U.S. military combat, and temporarily stopped the fighting between North and South Vietnam.

When did Operation Chopper - Vietnam - happen?

Operation Chopper - Vietnam - happened on 1962-01-12.

Is Vietnam stronger than your country?

Vietnam was one tough nation from the end of the Vietnam War until their combat experienced men began retiring out...the same as with any nation. So, whenever the last of their combat experienced men left, that was the beginning of their decline in power (again, the same as with any nation). Therefore, in the 21st century; no, Vietnam is not stronger.

What was combat like American combat soldiers in Vietnam?

The Vietnam War was one of the worst in American history. Combat in the jungle was difficult, and it was hard to know who exactly was the enemy, since Vietnam had two different sides of the war as well.

When did Operation Sunrise - Vietnam War - happen?

Operation Sea Dragon - Vietnam War - happened on 1966-10-25.

Who were the 2 main countries involved in the combat in Vietnam?

The US and North Vietnam .

What is a creative name for a Vietnam war project?

How about "Conflict and Combat: The Vietnam War"

Who sent combat troops to Vietnam?

The US.