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Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945 and he was responsible for the Holocaust and WW2.

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On 30 January 1933.

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Q: When did hilter come into power?
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How did hilter gain the power?

Hilter rose to power because he made everyone believe that the Jews gypies homosexuals ect. created all their problems

When anh for how long was hilter in power?

Hitler was in power from 1933 to 1945.

How did Hilter stay in power?

Through fear, he brainwashed the nazi population and no one could get him out of power. He was wubbish.

What did hilter believe in?

hilter belive in killing

Why did hilter start World War 2?

He wanted control and power over people. He got it. But he still wasn't satisfied.

Why did Heinrich Himmler work with Hilter?

he saw the party as an organisation within which he could advance and gain power and infulence (which he sought).

Which country adolph hilter were leader of?

Adolph Hilter were leader of US from 1861-1865. Source: Winkipedia.

What did Hilter do to the Jewish?

He killed them.

Was hilter a virgan?


Who made hilter?

His parents

What was hilter's nationality?


Was aldoft hilter married?