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The armistice that ended fighting in World War 1 was signed on November 11, 1918. The three months leading to it saw a series of quick, decisive victories for the allies, rapidly pushing the Germans back to their border.

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The first world war ended on 11th November, 1918.

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At 11 AM local time (Paris) on November 11, 1918

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The official end was at 11am on 11th November 1919.

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World War I stopped in 1918.

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Q: When did majority of the fighting in World War 1 end?
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What brought the end of world war 2 and Japanese fighting?

I'm not sure

What was the truce or end of fighting in world war one?

The treaty of Versailles treaty of Versailles

Who finished World War 1?

The German Government sought an armistice, or agreement to end fighting, with the allies.

What group was the silent majority in the Vietnam war?

The "silent majority" were a group of American people that were supposed to support the USA in the Vietnam War, as compared to a large amount of vocal demonstrators that were protesting the war. After many years of fighting in Vietnam and seeing no end in sight, the vast majority of Americans wanted it to end, and for the the USA to leave the quagmire. Which they did in 1973, and South Vietnam fell to the communists in 1975.

Date did 1st world war end?

The Armistice (The day the fighting stopped) was on 11 November 1918.

How did the United States end fighting with Japan in World War 2?

Dropping two atomic bombs

Was there any fighting after the atomic bombs were dropped and before the end of World War 2?

Yes, plenty.

Why did it take so long after the axis surrender to officially end World War 2?

Japan was still fighting.

What did Himmler plan to do at the end of World War 2?

Take over for Hitler and join Allies in fighting Russia

When did World Fighting Alliance end?

World Fighting Alliance ended in 2006.

What type of fighting developed among the western front in world war 1 causing both sides to be locked in year for an end?

War of attrition

What is the term that refers to world war 1 means stop fighting?

Cease fire is a term that was used to mean an end to fighting in the wars. This is a universally understood term.