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There is no one date when all Confederate forces surrendered. General Robert E. Lee surrendered his Army on April 9, 1865 to General Grant. On April 26, 1865, General Joseph E. Johnson surrendered all armies in the states in his jurisdictions. That is generally considered the day the Confederates surrendered east of the Mississippi River. West of the Mississippi River had a lot less fighting. The Union Army planned to defeat the Confederate Army east of the Mississippi and then move west of the river. Even though there was some activity, west of the river was basically a holding action. On June 19, 1865, a ship sailed into Corpus Christi, Texas. The captain went to the court house, took down the Confederate flag, and ordered the Emancipation Proclamation be read from every courthouse. That day is generally considered the end of the Civil War. More battles would occur. A number of Indian Generals had sided with the Confederacy. One of them was the last to surrender. There is even the remote possibility that Chief Sitting Bull was fighting for the Confederacy. During the Civil War, he constantly attacked the tribes siding with the Union. He also killed General Custer, the general who killed the great Confederate General, Jeb Stuart.

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Q: When did the confederates surrender?
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After what major battle did the confederates at Port Hudson surrender?

It was the battle of Vicksburg.

Where did the south surrender to end the civil?

in Richmond Virginia. the confederates capital.

What were the results of the Battle of Sumter?

the union had to surrender to the confederates bcuz they ran out of food, were outgunned.

Where did lee's finally surrender take place?

Appomattox Court House, after the Confederates abandoned Petersburg and Richmond.

In the fall following Vicksburg's surrender who began their advance toward Chattanooga?

The Confederates continued there advance toward the Chattanooga.

What was one person who affected the outcome of the Civil War?

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlin affected the outcome of the civil war by holding control of little round top in the battle of Gettysburg even though he ran out of ammo, he led a charge forcing most of the confederates charging up little round top to surrender to his division. If Chamberlin did surrender, the confederates would have had control of the high ground, and possibly winning the batte of Gettysburg, wich might have won the Confederates the war

Why did not one person died in the Battle of Fort Sumter?

Because the Confederates shelled it into surrender before Lincoln was able to run supplies to the island-fort.

Who did Anderson surrender to?

Nobody. He simply evacuated Fort Sumter and sailed home, leaving the Confederates to occupy this tiny island-fortress in Charleston harbour.

What general did george meade surrender to?

Meade never did surrender to anyone. He was the newly-appointed commander of the Army of the Potomac, which beat Lee's Confederates at Gettysburg in July 1863. Later he served alongside Grant in the Overland campaign, ending at Appomattox.

What was the difference between Cornwallis' surrender and Robert E. Lee's surrender at the conclusion of the war?

Well, when Cornwallis surrendered, it had been just a battle that he lost. But when Robert E. Lee surrendered it was the whole reason to why the confederates lost the Civil War.

What side won in the Battle of Appomattox?

The North. It was the surrender that signalled the end of the war - Lee's barefoot and starving Confederates laying down their weapons for Ulysses Grant.

What was Robert E. Lee's act as a general for the confederates?

His final act as General-in-Chief was to surrender the Army of Northern Virginia, effectively ending the Civil War.