When did the second world end?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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ok so yah dont belive it the worlds not ending on 2012 because it didnt a lot of times

even when it was supposed to it didn't

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Q: When did the second world end?
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What finally put an end to the Holocaust?

The end of the second world war.

Is end of the world getting closer?

The end of the world is all up to God. It could end any second...It just depends on when God wants to have the world end.

What minute and second will the world end on?

12 of the 12 2012

When would be the end of the world?

When Christ returns to earth the second time.

When is the end day for mankind?

No one knows the world might end anytime. It could be the next second .

What will start the end of the world?

The end of the world will begin with the second coming of Christ Jesus. When Jesus returns at the second coming, He will destroy all the wicked and will lay waste the world. Then after the 1000 year millennium, the world will be renewed with fire. We do not know when this will take place, but we can know from the signs of the end times laid out in the Bible.

How come its 2012 and the world didn't end yet?

Two reasons: First, the end of the world isn't until December 21 of this year. Second, the people who are predicting the end of the world this year are wrong.

What month in 1945 did the second world end?

It ended in August 27th, 1945.

When the world really ending?

as i could saw the world would not end tomorrow, if the world will end tomorrow then why we have planned parties for Dec. 25? why are there shows showing after Dec.21?.......if the world really will end then why should we continue Christmas? we should cancel Christmas then, it is just the end of the Mayan calendar like your house calendar they end at Dec.31 then start again to January,almost every year people keep on saying the world will end just like this year May 2012 they say the world will end but look at what month it is now...........that is why Dec.21,2012 is not the end of the world for the Bible states than even God don't know when will be His second coming.....if God don't even know when the world will end and his second coming will be how will us human know when the world and His second coming be....

Why did the Nazi genocide end?

The second world war came to an end with the Nazi Germans loosing and being run out of power.

What is at the end of the world?

it is impossible to get to the end of the world unless you are in a rocket. in which case nothing. one second you are in the sky and the next you are in space. (I am tempted to say 'a rainbow'!)

When did Germany stop being a dictatorship?

When Germany surrendered at the end of the second World War.