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The Japanese pre emptive stike at Pearl Harbor was Dec 7th 1941. The day of infamy.

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Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour, occurred on December 7, 1941.

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Q: When did the war happen at Peral Harbor?
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What event happen after the selective service act was passed?

the Japanese attack peral harbor

Pearl Harbor what happened?

the japanies bombed peral habor because they were in a war against usa

When and why did the US enter into World War 2?

1941 after the Japanese attacked peral harbor without having a declaration of war.

Is peral harbor in honalulu?

Yes it is

Where is peral harbor?

It in Honolulu Hawaii.

Why was the Japanese attack on Peral harbor a turning point on world war 2?

No, it was the Start of WWII for America

Is peral harbor still a base?


When did the US begin supporting Britain in World War 2?

the us really streted to support brttona bout 3 days after peral harbor the second peral habor hapeen dwe enterd war then helped brittan

Why did the US become involved in world affairs during World War 2?

It was difficult to avoid after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

How do you describe Peral Harbor?

pearl harbor is a big island its located in north pacific ocean and west America

In witch state is Peral Harbor located in?

The current state of Hawaii though, not a state at the time of Pearl Harbor

Why is it important to understand the reasons japan attacked Peral Harbor?

so kids will know why they attacked pearl harbor