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They never actually did anything until 1945 and that was when most of the camps had killed all the Jews.

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the world did not react to the genocide

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Q: When did the world react to the Holocaust?
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How did the world react to the Holocaust?

You don't say when ... During the actual Holocaust 'the world' didn't, on the whole, want to know about it. ___ Self-conscious memorialization of the Holocaust is very recent indeed (mainly dating from the 1990s).

How did other religions react to the holocaust?

they were hoping the jews would convert

How did the American allies react to the news about the holocaust?

they thought that it was a bad thing, but they did nothing

Was the holocaust in World War I or 2?

The holocaust was during World War 2

Why did people take so long to react to the Holocaust?

People didn't want to believe it.

Did the Holocaust and World War 2 happen at the same time?

the holocaust was in the duration of world war II, ___ Yes, the Holocaust took place during World War 2.

The Holocaust begin in 1940 after World War 2?

The Holocaust was during World War 2

Was World War 1 the Holocaust?

No, the Holocaust took place during World War 2. The Holocaust refers to the Nazi genocide of the Jews in 1941-1945: it is not a nickname for either of the World Wars.

Is the Holocaust a world event?

No, because not everywhere in the world are holocaust related.___The term world event is very vague ... In 2005(?) the United Nations declared 27 January Holocaust Remembrance Day.

What were the results of Hitler's rule?

World War 2 and the Holocaust was the result.

When was the abomination of the first Holocaust?

there was only one Holocaust, there were two World Wars.

Where is the Holocaust muesum?

There are lots of Holocaust memorials in the world.