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We haven't had that one yet. We will need to have 9 more. We just had WWI and WWII

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When did ww2 start

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Q: When did world war2 end and start?
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When did they start to allow refugees into nz?

Since the end of world war2.

When did World War2 end?


How the end of the World War2 brought about the cold war?

Atomic bombs created the cold war.

How did world war2 start?

The WW II began in 1939 when Hitler's army marched into Poland.

Why did world war2 start?

because Germany wouldn't surrender to Poland and then declared war on England.

Did you have to be evacuated in world war2?


Who was the leader of Germany during world war2?

It was the dictator Adolf Hitler, a terrible man in my opinion who doomed himself from the start.

When did the us join world war2?

US joined WW2 on December 8th 1941, the day after the American war base; Pearl Harbour was bombed by the Japanese.

Italy in world war2?


What did Hitler do after the world war2?

he died

Did people want world war2 after world war 1?


What happened after World War 1 in Malayalam?

world war2