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The French were defeated in the Dien Bien Phu battle in 1954. They were driven out then.

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Q: When french left Vietnam who protected south Vietnam?
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Why did the Unites States support South Vietnam rather than North Vietnam after the French left?

The United States wanted to prevent communism from spreading.

Why did the united States support South Vietnam rather than North Vietnam after the French left?

The United States wanted to prevent communism from spreading.

When did the French leave north Vietnam?

The French left north Vietnam in 1954

In 1954 what country surrendered Vietnam to communist forces in Viet Minh?

France called Vietnam a colony of theirs. When French troops left in 1954, th UN divided Vietnam into North and South Vietnam.

How did the us respond to the french defeat at bien dien phu?

The United States took over where the French left which subsequently led to the second Vietnam war. The United States supported a new anticommunist government in South Vietnam.

Why did the US get invoved in the conflict in Vietnam?

After World War 2, the French went back to Vietnam (formerly their territory) in an attempt to reclaim it, but the Soviets had already taken North Vietnam. The Soviets helped establish Northern Vietnam, and left it to run itself. The French claimed South Vietnam, leading to a struggle between the two countries. The French battled North Vietnam on multiple occasions, but ultimately gave up. The U.S entered Vietnam in order to prevent North Vietnam from invading South Vietnam, but North Vietnam had the majority of support. While the North Vietnamese Army invaded from the North, Vietnamese insurgents (Viet Cong) used guerilla tactics in South Vietnam to disrupt U.S/NATO operations.

Who was in control of Vietnam during the Cold war?

There was no ONE party in control of Vietnam. Initially it was North and South Vietnam. But after the U.S. and the Soviet Union had left, South Vietnam was converted to communism and a treaty of sorts was created, unifying North and South Vietnam into one country.

What were the casues of the Vietnam war?

When the French left Vietnam, the country was divided in to two parts, north Vietnam which was under communist control, and south Vietnam that was officially democratic, but was actually in practice a totalitarian state. The Norht Vietnamese beleived that the south was a colony of foreign powers and wanted to unite Vietnam into one country, under communist rule. South Vietnam and the United States wanted to prevent the communists from taking over south Vietnam. The war was started by south vietnamese rebels who were opposed to the corruption of the south vietnamese regime. North Vietnam supported these rebels who were commonly known as the Viet Cong. The United States supported South Vietnam in spite of its corrupt government in the belief that it was better to have a corrupt government in south Vietnam than a communist government.

Who fought against the Vietnamese Nationalists after France left?

Communist North Vietnam verses the Republic of South Vietnam.

What was the of the french defeat at dien bien phu?

The defeat at Dien Bien Phu led the French military to surrender their positions in Vietnam. The French left Vietnam, leaving the United States at the forefront of the conflict.

What year did the US come out of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War?

The last U.S. forces left South Vietnam in 1973. The US Embassy was evacuated and the last advisers pulled out in April 1975.

What president inherited the Vietnam war when president Johnson left office?

When the south fell, and every last US serviceman departed South Vietnam (what was left of it); President Ford was the President of the United States.