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Q: When papers ending World War 2 were signed what battleship were they on?
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What us battleship were the formal papers of the surrender signed to end the fighting in Asia in world war 2?

USS Missouri (BB-63)

What was the pride battleship of the US Navy during World War 2?

USS Missouri because the Japanese signed the instrument of surrender upon her decks, ending WWII on 02 September '45.

Where Japan signed the terms of surrender of World War 2?

The USS Missouri, a US battleship from the war.

How long did world war2last?

For the US, December 1941 until August/Sept 1945. Japan signed her surrender papers in September. Germany signed their surrender papers in May 1945.

The treaty ending World War 1 was signed at the Palace of what?


Is it true that Russia and Japan have not yet signed a treaty ending World War 2?

Italy and Germany surrendered in WWII. Japan signed a treaty ending WWII.

What was the name of the ship the World War 2 peace treaty was signed on?

The Battleship USS Missouri September 2nd 1945 Tokyo Bay.

Where were the formal papers that ended World War 2 signed?

On the deck of the USS Missouri.

What is official ending of World War 2?

The official end of World War II was the Japanese surrender aboard the USS Battleship Missouri on September 3rd, 1945.

Did World War 2 end on 3 September 1945?

The instrument of surrender was signed aboard the battleship USS Missouri on 02 September 1945.

What was the name of the treaty treaty signed ending World War 2?

There were no treaties signed to end WW2. Germany and Japan signed instruments of unconditional SURRENDER.

The treaty ending World War 1 was signed at the Palace of?

The treaty of Versailles was signed at the Palace of Versailles; (in the Hall of Mirrors to be exact)