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shunned the soldiers

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Q: When the soldiers returned from Vietnam what did Americans do for the first time in history?
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What was Australia's history in the Vietnam war?

the aussies were alies and fought in the Vietnam war with the Americans. (and of course the South Vietnamese - the Americans were paticipants on their side).

How many South Vietnam soldiers were killed during the Vietnam War?


How many soldiers in American history returned with loss of limb?

Hold on.... Let me count......

How many soldiers under age 18 was in the Vietnam war?

See website: Statistics About the Vietnam War. Recommended by the History Channel.

How many Vietnam soldiers died on their first day?

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What was combat like American combat soldiers in Vietnam?

The Vietnam War was one of the worst in American history. Combat in the jungle was difficult, and it was hard to know who exactly was the enemy, since Vietnam had two different sides of the war as well.

What has the author Christian Bauman written?

Christian Bauman has written: 'The ice beneath you' -- subject(s): Americans, Fiction, Soldiers, Young men 'Voodoo Lounge' -- subject(s): Americans, Fiction, History, Soldiers

What made the Vietnam war happen?

Vietnam Wat was an important phase in the history of Asia. The country had a long history of struggles with the Europeans and then with the Americans. basically the war took place because of the conflict between the communist supporters and the oppositions in the area. The war came to an end with the victory of the communists in the area and the withdrawal of the americans.

What was combat like for American combat soldiers in Vietnam?

it was difficult to know who the enemy was

Sleeping places in Battle of Bull Run for union soldiers?

From the beginning of history up until the end of the Vietnam War, infantrymen have slept on the ground.

How many US soldiers were Latino who fought in the Vietnam War?

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What legacy has Vietnam had on American History?

The legacy that Vietnam had on American History is the legacy