When was Alois Windisch born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Alois Windisch was born on 1892-02-03.

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Q: When was Alois Windisch born?
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When did Alois Wiesner die?

Alois Wiesner died in 1923.

When was Erich Windisch born?

Erich Windisch was born in 1918.

When was Ernst Windisch born?

Ernst Windisch was born in 1844.

When was Johann Windisch born?

Johann Windisch was born on 1941-02-05.

When was Markus Windisch born?

Markus Windisch was born on 1984-05-12.

When was Harald Windisch born?

Harald Windisch was born in 1966, in Innsbruck, Austria.

When was Princess Marie of Windisch-Graetz born?

Princess Marie of Windisch-Graetz was born in 1856.

When was Karl Gottlieb von Windisch born?

Karl Gottlieb von Windisch was born in 1725.

When was Princess Stephanie of Windisch-Graetz born?

Princess Stephanie of Windisch-Graetz was born on 1909-04-04.

When was Mariano Hugo of Windisch-Graetz born?

Mariano Hugo of Windisch-Graetz was born on 1955-07-27.

When was Alois Hundhammer born?

Alois Hundhammer died in 1974.

When was Alois born?

Alois was born on June 11, 1968.